Meet the Artist

Michael Hilbig is a carpenter by trade and is an artist in his free time. He has been drawing for many years in a variety of mediums. Pencil, colored pencils, pen and ink, and now watercolors.

He has always been drawn to the beauty of nature and gets his inspiration from it. Living in a small town on Cape Cod, he’s not far from a sunset on the bayside or a stormy ocean on the other side. Mountains and trees are also an interest and he loves to capture the changing seasons and the colors.

Often rising before 5 am to find some quiet time to paint, before his busy day starts. He and his wife Jenny are parents to 5 children ; 2 daughters and 3 sons. ( a mixture of hers, ours, adopted, and fosters.)

Traveling, camping, and hiking are hobbies that fuel his passion for painting.

Life is never dull and to say that the future looks to be unpredictable is a given, but with God all things are possible.